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President:Courtney Jimenez
Co-Vice President:Juliane Schrey
Co-Vice President:AnneMarie Tamis
Treasurer:Chris Hill
Co-Secretary:Judy Yeh
Principal:Louis Pavone
Assistant Principal:Deana Rombone
Parent Coordinator:Raquel Salas

About PS/IS 78Q PTA

The PS/IS 78Q Parent Teachers Association, founded in June of 2008, is a registered 501(c)3 not for profit organization established to help support the PS/IS 78 Robert F. Wagner Jr. public school located in Long Island City, Queens. Every parent or primary caregiver of a child who attends PS/IS 78Q is a member of the PTA.

We remain committed to enriching the learning experiences of our children. This year, not only do we want to continue funding the efforts we have supported in the past, our goal is to also seek out and provide new opportunities for our children.

Mission Statement: To provide support and resources to the school for the benefit and educational growth of the children and to promote and help develop a cooperative working relationship between the parents and staff of our school.

PS78 PTA Membership

What is the PTA? The main purpose of the Parent Teacher Association is to support the school and, therefore, benefit your child. As a parent, guardian or person in parental relation to a child in the school, you are a member of the PTA.

But there are many more PTA advantages:

School Leadership Team (SLT)

The PS/IS 78Q School Leadership Team (SLT) is comprised of administrators, teachers, and elected parents who meet monthly and work collaboratively on the school’s budget and the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP), which includes the school’s goals and objectives. It also provides a forum where issues specific to the PS/IS 78Q community can be addressed.

All SLT's must have an equal number of parents and staff. The Principal, the PTA President and a UFT representative (or their designees) are automatically on the team.

The SLT encourages involvement from members of the school community, and welcomes attendance at its meetings. Questions or comments for the SLT may be emailed to Courtney Jimenez at

2015-2016 SLT Members:

Mandatory Members



Community District Education Council

We are very lucky to now have a parent representative on the Community District Education Council. Congratulations to Sabina Omerhodzic, for her new role as Queens Borough President Appointee for the CDEC30. We can now rest assured that our voices will be heard. Her appointment will surely open up the channels of communication between the community and the DOE. Congratulations Sabina!

Together with the CDEC30, elected officials, and the School Construction Authority, we continue to work on two important topics:

  1. 1. securing a new location to accommodate the inevitable growth of our school
  2. 2. continuing to monitor any discussion of the possible truncation of Middle School grades 6-8, which we strongly oppose