I am a front-end web developer in NYC who delights in creative problem solving. My background is in the nonprofit world where I cultivated a broad range of skills while helping to make positive change. In 2018 I completed a tech internship at Sanky Communications. There I learned how to use my technical skills working on assignments in a team setting with Git, CSS, JavaScript, HTML emails and more. Many thanks, Sanky!

My fantastic voyage of solving puzzles began at home when I was a small girl. I discovered my mother’s neglected sewing box, where dozens of different colored threads were entangled in a huge unusable knot. I carefully disentangled the knot, marveled its complexity, and imagined how the knot came to be, all while hoping to get a present or delicious treat in return.

I still like treats, but I love learning and am excited to take on more challenges. My current programming explorations involve woven textiles, portraits, and googly eyes. I also am the developer for the PS/IS 78Q PTA. Here is my resume.

I find inspiration in contemporary art, music, nature, fashion, and in what other programmers are doing. When off screen, I am volunteering, listening to music, dancing and making real objects.